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Sound Check: Recording Tips from the Pros

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

Sound Checks, as important for recording sessions as they are for live performances.

So you've decided to make a live studio recording, by live I mean everyone at the same time as they would at a live gig, not one person after another which is the normal studio recording style.

OK so you've rehearsed, you are all ready to record, you are all set up, 3 2 1 g... Wait! have you properly sound checked ? is the drummer louder than than everyone else ? is the singer being drowned out by all the other instruments ?

Think about this for a minute, if you are recording on a multi-track recorder which has inputs for each individual instrument and vocalist then volumes can be adjusted when you make a mix down of the recording, but if like most bands you are recording onto let's say the microphone in a band members phone or a quality stereo 2 channel mixer, you must adjust the overall sounds, but how ?

space people. space, you will need to move the loudest instruments further away from the recorders microphone and the quieter sounds like vocals closer to the recorders microphone.

This will give a better separation of sounds in the recording.

So always sound check before you record to make sure you end up with a good recording.

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