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Recording Equipment Must-Haves for Every Studio

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

Planning ahead makes for a smoother recording session. Contact the studio to discuss what equipment they have available to you and then you can work out what equipment to take with you.

Effects, the studio will have bundles of effects available but will they create the sounds you require, it may be best to take your effect units with you and the studio engineer can assess if they are required or they can create the sound effects via there equipment.

Most musicians .. if not all musicians insist on using there own instruments, that's fine every musician must feel comfortable with the instrument they will be using.

Don't take amp's, or combo's the studio will have it's own sound system that your gear will be pushed through and if you have a particular sound that can only be generated by putting a cable microphone in front of a small combo amp, discuss this with the engineer and take it along with you on the day.

The moto here is 'be prepared' know what the studio can provide and do for you and you will then know what to take along with you on the day.

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