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5 Things the Artist Needs to Know Before Recording

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

Rehearse .... sounds a bit obvious doesn't it, but the amount of bands I see that go to a studio then waste time practicing and messing about, TIME people Time, it costs time and money to practice or chat and play around in a recording studio it can also put the engineer and producer in a bad mood so please, rehearse before your studio time, know what you are playing, who is to play what, make sure the vocalist knows there words and has a copy of the lyrics with them just in case they freeze when the studio red light goes on.

Nerves yes some members of the band maybe nervous before going in to a recording studio so meet up ahead of the recording session grab a coffee or soft drink sit down and chat together first, you will find the session will go much better.

A well rehearsed band will record more relaxed, the time in the studio will be a lot more fun than you expect and the resulting recordings will be magnificent.

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